The Janine Gilbert Carter Quintet travels to Torino Italy to embark on a 10 city 10 concert tour for the 19th edition of Blues al Femminile"
- JGC Production, JGC Productions Press Release (Oct 01, 2009)

"For her fourth album, genre-jumper Janine Gilbert-Carter evens out her repertoire of recorded gospel and jazz by balancing the scales with another jazz album.. the set hold primarily to some of the classic standards, using the songstress' full-sounding voice in what almost seems an Ella Fitzgerald-inspired phrasing from time to time. Carter has a fine voice on her, and is able to take hints of style from gospel"
- Adam Greenberg, AMG

"Janine is a female singer very much in the same mold as Gloria Lynne but much younger. One cn tell from Gilbert-Carter's delivery that she also has been to church"
- Larry Hollis, Cadence Magazine

"Washington D.C. area, singer Janine Gilbert-Carter leads her combo through a dozen well-worn tunes that have everyone popping their fingers for an album worth of soulful jazz vocals"
- Michael P. Gladstone, All About Jazz

"Janine Gilbert-Carter is a solid artist and certainly a nice addition to the D.C. jazz scene"
- Kyle O'Brien, Jazzscene

"Some vocalist come out of the Gospel world to become wonderful singers. One such vocalist is Janine Gilbert-Carter. A Song For You is a nice way for Janine Gilbert-Carter to showcase her music. the listener gets to hear that Janine's vocals are pure and solid, not enhanced by studio magic"
- Bruce VonStiers, BVS Reviews

" A Song for You" Review: Janine performs songs associated with the great jazz vocalist that shaped her career, Dinah Washington, Etta James, Shirley Horn and many more. By the time she finishes " At last" you find yourself wanting to hit replay to start this wonderful journey again
- Paypal FM, Paypal FM

"Review " A song For you" JGC sings the verse to this great tune ("At Last") and then the smokey tenor of Carr kicks in with a steamy message answering in kind, his solo is magic and he captures the mood set by Janine Gilbert-Carter's heartfelt vocal. This is a solid jazz recording with no esoterica to muddy up the ear. To put it succinctly, this is the real deal"
- John Gilbert, EJAZZ News "A big voiced singer. The live set feels just like you'd like to feel in a smart club date where the singer is on top of her game and the band knows how to swing. Gilbert-Carter just swings and could teach a few new divas a thing or two about how to sell a song.."
- Chris Spector, Midwest Record Recap

"Janine's voice is pure silk backed up with a soulful power that emanates class and passion, pure passionate fire, which burns within"
- Chicken Fish, The Chicken Fish Speaks

"Janine Gilbert-Carter has a great voice and excellent backing"
- Peter Kuller, Radio Adelaide 101.5 FM Australia

" A Song For You" Radio Review: Great swingin vocal jazz and great saxophone work from Paul Carr makes a great release from a protégé of the late Ronnie Wells. Can't miss with this one...
- Mark Dove, "Sounds of Jazz" Eclectic 59.1 WBCX

"#2 at WEFT station Chart"
- CMJ Issue # 1082

"vocalist Janine Gilbert-Carter, another Wells protégé, certainly left a strong impression. She contributed the evening's most stirring performances, singing two blues, including "Stormy Monday," with great assurance and resounding power. "
- Mike Joyce, Washington Post

"When it comes to singers like Gilbert-Carter, you can't help but just smile and go along for the voyage she wants to take you on, because not only will it be entertaining, but it can be soothing and fun. "
- John Book, Music for America Review (Jun 25, 2007)

"A Song for You" Captures the veteran vocalist in an intimate performance that showcases her smooth, honey voice and winning delivery that never sounds phony or forced
- Donna Kimura, Jazz Review

"Gilbert-Carter "shows her bluesy side on the sly "Someone Else Is Steppin' In," closing with "At Last," a song that demands the full, exhausting emotional commitment evident in Gilbert-Carter's nearly seven-minute testimonial. "
- Mike Joyce, Washington Post (Jul 20, 2007)

"Janine Gilbert-Carter has a voice as big as a Georgetown townhouse. Trained as a gospel singer, and still active in that genre, she has shifted more of her activities toward the jazz field. It's a good move; she has the chops for it. "
- Michael Scott Cain, Rambles

"No matter how familiar a song is, Janine Gilbert-Carter brings a breath of fresh air in her interpretations, with her phrasing and the sophisticated bluesy inflections she adds."
- Ron Weinstack, In a Blue Mood

"Ms. Gilbert-Carter has been hanging local awards on her DC-area wall for a few years now. It's about time wider audiences begin hearing about her, too. "Ms. Gilbert-Carter possesses a powerfully first-rate voice""
- Doug Boynton, Girlsingers (Jun 17, 0007)

"The Jazz Community Remembers Ronnie Wells.... the evening would not have been complete without the vocalists, of whom Janine Gilbert-Carter stole the show"
- Sriram Gopal in Arts and Events,

"mmm, mmm, mmm, wow, wow, wow! Janine is the real deal here folks, soul, rhythm, vocal quality, fabulous delivery of lyrical content and the ability to capture the audience. it is clear they are as affected as I am with Carter's voice."
- Constance Tucker, All About Vocals

"A Song for You" is a meat and potatoes jazz vocal recording, sung by an accomplished artist showing us all how these songs are to be sung.
- C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz (Jun 11, 2007)

"Janine Gilbert-Carter fills the bill with a no-nonsense recital of standards that should help any jazz listener understand what Miles Davis was trying to say when he played, "On Green Dolphin Street.... "
- C. Michael Bailey , All About Jazz (Jun 11, 2007)

"New Release "Inside A Silent Tear" Janine Gilbert-Carter Live at the Historic Blair Mansion. Get your copy today at"
- JGC Productions Presents (Sep 02, 0009)